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No matter what your bathroom remodeling needs are - we have the contractor for you. Take a look at our bathroom remodeling categories to find the services that you are looking for. Along with a description of what each contractor does, you will find the local contractor perfectly suited for your remodeling project. From Architects to Tile Contractors - we’ve got you covered.

Hiring an architect for your bathroom remodeling project may be a necessity for your particular remodel. Most bathroom renovations need detailed plans and a qualified architect may be just the person for your job. Architects are experts in figuring out how to fit certain shapes into certain spaces — the right way — and that may be just what you need for your bathroom remodeling project. Be sure your new bathroom has the right design plan, layout, and materials with a professional architect. Find a bathroom architect in your area by using The Bath Haus’ convenient search box. We have just the right architect in just the right area for your bathroom project.

A licensed and insured local bathroom remodeling contractor will provide you and your bathroom project with the best result possible. These highly trained professionals will make remodeling your bathroom both easy and efficient. Bathroom Remodeling contractors specialize in taking current bathrooms and turning them into new, fresh, functional rooms in your home. Your local bathroom remodeling contractor will have answers to your questions and concerns, being a great asset to your project and very few remodels should be done without one. Check out the qualified, experienced and dedicated bathroom remodeling contractors in your area. There are many contractors near you and The Bath Haus’ handy search boxes make it easy to find the right contractor for your bathroom project

Does your bathtub need an update? Would you rather not replace your tub entirely? Bathtub resurfacing may be the answer for you! It is quick, easy and cost effective. Resurfacing typically can be completed in a single day. The procedure takes place right in your bathroom so there is no demolition mess and little cleanup. Your existing bathtub will be transformed without having the cost of installing a new tub. Bathtub resurfacing is done at a fraction of the cost of a whole new tub. The possibilities are endless for your bathroom remodeling project with bathtub resurfacing. Find a bathtub resurfacing contractor today in your area. Use the search boxes below to enter the required information, you are sure to find a bathtub resurfacing company that will help you with your bathroom remodeling goals.

Is your bathtub surround dingy? Does it have scratches or dents? Does it have an outdated look? An easy way to update your bathroom is to add or replace your bathtub surround. Your tub surround project can be done quickly by an experienced installer. Adding or replacing your bathtub surround is very cost effective too! There are many choices in selecting a new tub surround; there are a variety of colors, finishes and storage options that are sure to make any bathroom remodeling project rewarding. Find out more about bathtub surrounds in your area. You can put your information into the search boxes below to find a bathroom contractor that is locally convenient for your new bathtub surround needs.

The right bathroom cabinetry can transform your regular bathroom into a work of elegance and beauty. From exquisite preassembled cabinets to high-end custom-built cabinetry, the right cabinet contractor will make a difference in the function and appearance of your new bathroom. The choices in storage design and color selection are practically unlimited. Choosing the right cabinet maker is as important as choosing the right cabinetry. A qualified bathroom cabinet makers will help you with selections and make installation a breeze. There are cabinet makers near you that will make your bathroom remodeling project complete. Find one now by filling in the search boxes and you will find the perfect match.

Are new countertops at the top of your bathroom remodeling to-do list? We’ve got the countertop contractor who can help! Our directory of experienced, local contractors work with granite countertops, laminate countertops and everything in between. Whichever bathroom countertop surface is best for your lifestyle, you are guaranteed to find a countertop contractor in our listings who will make your project simple and make it look great too! They will offer you great selections, great service and great looking bathroom countertops. Check out our directory of countertop contractors and get started replacing your bathroom countertops today. Complete the required information in our search boxes to find a countertop contractor near you.

A big part of any bathroom remodeling project can be electrical in nature. Many projects need updated or new wiring, updated or new outlets and/or updated or new fixtures. The right residential electrical contractor can make any of these projects simple and worry-free. Choosing an electrician with remodeling experience can be an important part of your bathroom remodel. Although many electrical jobs are not noticeable, they are important and must be done correctly. Get the most out of your time and budget by selecting one of these local and experienced electricians. To find the best electrical contractor for your job, fill out the search boxes and voila! you will have qualified electricians near you to choose from.

Do you want new vinyl flooring or ceramic tile in your remodeled bathroom? Or are you looking for something different like marble, granite, or slate? Whatever the type of flooring you want in your new bathroom new bathroom we have a directory of qualified flooring contractors who can work with you. Having an experienced and local flooring contractor help with flooring selection, flooring installation and cleanup can make all the difference in the finished product of your bathroom remodeling project. Be sure to check out our list of local flooring contractors and get your questions answered to start your project today. You can fill in the search boxes below to get your search underway for your bathroom flooring needs.

Having an interior designer can make your bathroom remodeling project look great with little effort on your part. Your bathroom designer will learn your family’s lifestyle and bring you options that will fit. They will offer choices in colors, textures and materials. In addition to their concern with the outward beauty of your new bathroom, they will also be concerned with style and function of your finished bathroom. Your new bathroom will be as aesthetically pleasing as it is practical. Find an interior designer near you and start the discussion of your vision for your bathroom remodeling project. Simply complete the search boxes on this page to find an interior designer that is local and qualified to become YOUR bathroom interior designer.

Painting a remodeled bathroom can sometimes be a bigger task than it sounds like it is. Hiring a painting contractor is usually a homeowner's best bet. The type of paint used in a bathroom is really a big deal. There is moisture resistance to consider as well as durability AND you want your remodeled bathroom to look great too. A professional painting contractor will know what type of paint needs to be used, the amount of paint it will take and will be a great source for color selection too. Be sure to check out the painting contractors in your area. We have painting contractors near you ready to make your bathroom project their next painting project. Fill out our search boxes to find out more.

Plumbing is an essential function of any bathroom and is especially important in a bathroom remodel. Whether you are moving major equipment, such as a sink, replacing water heaters, or adding elements, like a shower, you need an experienced plumber. Even without those major renovations, a plumbing contractor will benefit your bathroom remodeling project. It’s likely that your toilet or sink will have to be temporarily displaced and it’s best to have a professional plumber do it for you. Plumbing is a major part of what makes your bathroom work so be sure it’s well-taken-care-of with a local plumber. Find a knowledgeable and competent plumber near you by filling out your city, state or zip code (and name if you’d like) in our easy to use search boxes. The results will show you qualified plumbers in your area that will get you to the next step in your bathroom project.

Bathroom tiling can be beautiful, but done incorrectly it can be a major eyesore. Be sure that your bathroom remodel turns out beautifully by hiring a professional tile contractor. The experience a qualified tile contractor brings to your project will show in the satisfaction you feel with the end result of your bathroom project. Tile contractors can make an ordinary bathroom look extraordinary with a tiled shower, a tiled floor or tiled bathroom walls. In addition to the experience they bring to your bathroom remodel, they will be a great consultant for how and what you want tiled. Find an experienced bathroom tile contractor in your area. Fill in the easy to use search box with your city, state or zip code and watch the results roll in!

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Bathrooms with Disability Access

Be sure your bathroom is as safe as it can be by adding disability access to your bathroom remodeling project. If you or any of your family members have a need for additional support, stability and/or access, considering the appropriate disability elements will be of the utmost importance. Check out The Bath Haus’ essential elements guide to finding out which accessories will be the most important for your bathroom project. We have gathered information on shower stools and chairs, grab bars, doorway access and more!

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