Bathroom remodeling can be one of the most rewarding remodeling projects a homeowner can invest in. An updated, modern bathroom can increase the functionality and efficiency of your bathroom AND your home. The rewards of a new bathroom are tremendous, as are your choices! Deciding to remodel your bathroom is the first of many decisions you get to make in a bathroom remodeling project. From that initial decision, you will be choosing what type of cabinetry hardware you want, what color tile grout looks best or whether to replace or resurface your tub. The possibilities are endless with a bathroom remodeling project! Learn more about the choices you have and make your decisions easy with our bathroom elements guide.
Storage ideas, finishing touches and up-to-date decor. Explore the many bathroom accessories available.
Types of bathroom cabinets, styles of bathroom vanities and options for medicine cabinets.
Varieties of bathroom countertop materials, color selection options and the practical uses for each.
Decorating choices, themes and tips for your updated bathroom.
Bathroom light switch plates, outlet covers and luxury items - along with options and uses.
Faucet styles, options and practical uses. Fixture design and finish ideas.
Bathroom flooring alternatives from simple to elegant. The pros and cons of each style of floor.
The many layers of bathroom lighting and the purpose of each one.
Paint color schemes, glosses and finishes. The many choices in bathroom paint.
The key functions of bathroom plumbing. Plumbing fixtures and purposes.
Styles and options for a bathroom shower are abundant—find out which one best fits you.
Different sink mounts and styles. The classic alternatives and modern varieties.
bathroom tile
From indulgent ceramic tile to natural stone marble. The selection choices for bathroom tile.
ceramic toilet
Toilet flush options, tank styles and practical purposes.
dual bathroom vanity
Styles and uses for the many types of bathroom vanity lighting.
small gray bathroom
The types and functions of bathroom mirrors, vanity mirrors and functional mirrors.
free standing tub
Bathtub styles, options, and uses for the popular types of modern bathtubs.