Top 10 Bathroom Accessories You Won’t Want To Forget

Accessories help complete a finished bathroom remodeling project – without them a bathroom would feel and look incomplete. The Bath Haus has compiled a list of the top 10 bathroom essentials we wouldn’t want you to forget in your newly remodeled bathroom.

Towel Racks

1. Towel Racks

This sounds like a no brainer but every bathroom should have towel racks – where else do you plan on hanging up your towels? If you’re looking for something extra fancy, you can splurge on a heated towel rack. This way when you get out of the shower your towel feel like it just got out of the dryer.

Toilet Paper Rack

2. Toilet Paper Rack/Storage

Again, a little bit of an obvious accessory, but we wouldn’t want you to forget this necessity. We suggest putting your toilet paper rack or storage unit somewhere near your actual toilet. This way if you run out of paper while you’re in the middle of a session, you’re within arms reach of a fresh roll.

Soap Dispenser

3. Soap Dish / Soap Dispenser

Washing your hands is a necessity in the bathroom and you need soap to do that, so we figured having a soap dispenser/dish would be a helpful accessory. The options are endless, so we suggest finding something that matches the rest of your bathroom décor.

Magazine Rack

4. Magazine Rack

If you’re someone who likes your bathroom to be a nice getaway, we recommend a magazine rack so you always have something interesting to read. Whether you put books, a journal, or actual magazines, you and your guests will appreciate having something to peruse while in the bathroom.

Tooth Brush Holder

5. Toothbrush Holder

Your toothbrush has to go somewhere, so what better place than a holder that matches the rest of the bathroom fixtures? It’s honestly as simple as that.

Bath Mat

6. Bath Mat

We’re assuming you don’t want water all over your brand new floors, right? That is why we suggest investing in a bath mat. A bath mat will absorb the water someone leaves behind from a shower or bath.

Waterproof Speaker

7. Waterproof Speaker

This accessory might be a little out there depending on your style. If you’re someone who likes to listen to music while you do your hair or while you take a shower, waterproof speakers are a great option for you. This way you don’t have to lug around your phone or a different speaker that isn’t waterproof. The music is always with you while you’re in the bathroom.

Shower Curtain & Hooks

8. Shower Curtain & Hooks

Alright, you can’t get away without these in your bathroom unless you have a glass door or a walk-in shower. Shower curtains and hooks can be fun to pick out because they are a good representation of your style and help accent your bathroom. Have fun!

Toilet Brush Holder

9. Toilet Brush Holder

You need a toilet brush to clean your toilet so you’re going to need a place to store the brush – a toilet brush holder. We recommend something simple that blends in with the rest of the bathroom fixtures; this isn’t something you’re going to want to draw a lot of attention to.

Artwork & Decor

10. Artwork & Decor

Spruce up your bathroom space with artwork and signs. It helps make the space more welcoming and it’s a good representation of what kind of designer you are. Pick a theme (cabin, costal, etc.) and use that as inspiration when you’re out looking for art that could fit your space.