Bathroom Cabinets and Vanities: What are the options for bathroom cabinets and vanities?

You’ve imagined your gorgeous master bathroom for a while, right? Poring over magazines, blogs, and social media, looking for the perfect flooring, lighting, tiles, shower, bathtub, and all those details. However, have you decided on the best storage for it? The perfect bathrooms we see in the pictures never have all of the “stuff” that we use every day and often leave laying out. You want to keep your dream bathroom just like in the pictures, but you also want to be practical, right? Where do you put your toothbrush, makeup, flat iron, hand towels and all of that daily clutter? Here at the Bath Haus we have bathroom remodeling contractors available to help you choose the best bathroom cabinets and vanities for your dream bathroom. Check out your options below

Under-sink cabinets

Cabinets under the sink and vanity are a popular choice. They give you a place to hide the little "extras" that a bathroom always contains, like the copious amounts of toilet paper or feminine supplies. To give your master bathroom a "master suite" feel, beautiful cabinetry or shelving can make a classy update.

Freestanding Bathroom Cabinets 

Freestanding cabinets are an excellent way to design your bathroom layout however you want. You can put a large freestanding bathroom cabinet in a corner as a linen closet or put a small one on your vanity for makeup. You’ll find that there are endless options with this one that will fit virtually every bathroom. 

Medicine Cabinets

Bathroom Medicine Cabinets

Adding medicine cabinets to your bathroom can be an excellent way to add storage space in your bathroom. There s a multitude of different styles of medicine cabinets. There are some with mirrors, lights, and frames, and they can be personalized, too. You can even find tutorials here in our DIY UNIVERSITY on how to make or upcycle a medicine cabinet for your bathroom remodeling project.

Medicine Cabinets

Over the Toilet Shelves

Over the toilet cabinets are a fantastic way to make good use of an oddly shaped space, such as in a half bath or a toilet hidden by a half-wall. This type of bathroom cabinet can be used to store the essentials while keeping them hidden and handy. Plus, the space above your toilet is generally unuse due to its location.