Decorating Your New Bathroom

Are you ready for some decorating?! Okay, so it's not like football, but it is exciting. We understand! You've got all these bathroom decorating ideas and images bubbling in your brain and you want to put them into action. We're here to help! So, first things first: What is the theme of your bathroom remodel? There are endless options, depending on the location of your bathroom and who will be using it. This will help you decide on your color scheme and the accessories you will include in your decor.

Bathroom Decor Decorations

Bathroom Design

Where to begin? Let's pick a theme for your bathroom! Are you going for a spa theme? Is this going to be your kids' bathroom? Determining who will be using this bathroom the most is a great place to begin your planning.

Paint Samples

Color Scheme

Along with your theme, you need to pick a color. A beachy theme might call for some warm tans, browns and pretty blues. A kids' bathroom could be full of color, with some fun and eye-catching yellows or reds. You get the idea!

Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Accessories

Yes, even your toilet paper holder and toothbrush stand are part of decorating your bathroom! Incorporating them into the decor makes it all come together! Think about what you need and what you want. It doesn't have to just be functional - it can just be FUN, too!

Getting it out of your head and onto paper

So, here's where we come in! We've got a beautiful, comprehensive Planning Guide to get you on your way. In the Planning Guide, we will walk you through each step you need to take when planning your new bathroom remodeling project.