Bathroom Sinks: Choosing a Bathroom Sink

You’ve been on all of the social media sites keeping track of all your ideas and just about everything there is on bathroom remodeling, but have you thought about the type of sink(s) you’re going to have in the bathroom? Do you know what your options are for bathroom sinks? We’re here to let you know there are various options and no wrong answers for your bathroom.

Let’s explore what your options are.

Drop-in Sinks

Drop-in sinks are one of the easiest sinks to install, therefore making them popular in many bathrooms. This sink is essentially what it sounds like – a drop-in. There is a hole left in the countertop and the sink is placed in the hole. The rim of the sink rests on the counter and no additional support is needed below the sink. This particular style is long lasting and comes in multiple sizes and shapes. A downside to this sink is it’s harder to clean where the sink rim rests on the counter. Drop-in’s are also known to take up more counter space than other sinks, so if you have a smaller bathroom this may not be the best option for you. Drop-in sinks can be installed in most bathroom countertop material. Just to be safe, be sure to consult your bathroom remodeling contractor.

Under Mount Sinks

Do you like to have extra space on the countertop? Under mount sinks are ideal for people who like to have ample countertop space because the sink hangs flush with the countertop. Under mount sinks are installed from underneath the countertop and allow for the option of either counter- or wall-mounted faucets.  Similar to drop-in sinks, there are some concerns with under mount sinks too. These sinks take more work to install, so it’s extra important to find a well-informed contractor/service professional on The Bath Haus directory. Many times these types of sinks are installed in conjunction with a hard surface counter top such as stone or granite.

Vessel Sinks

Vessel sinks in bathrooms are fashionable and grab the attention of whoever is using them. This type of sink rests on top of a counter and takes up no space below the counter. Keep in mind you’ll need either a wall-mount or tall vessel faucet in order to provide enough clearance above the rim of the sink. Vessel sinks create a unique sense of ambiance and are esthetically pleasing. Interior designers have been using them more and more in bathroom designs in the past five years. Although this is positive that vessel sinks are trendy, it’s hard to tell if they will be in style in the next 20 years.

Wall Mount Sinks

Wall mount bathroom sinks are unique because they’re directly mounted to the wall and can be installed at any height as long as the wall is flat. The plumbing is either built into the wall behind the sink or its open underneath the sink. This style of bathroom sink makes it easy to clean the floor underneath the sink as well as the sink itself. When installed, it’s important wall mount sinks are being attended to. These sinks require heavy bracing of the wall they’re being mounted to.

Pedestal Sinks

Pedestal sinks have a universal style that feels at home in everything ranging from a historic home to a modern one. This type of bathroom sink rests on one leg called a pedestal instead of sitting on a countertop. This design helps save space throughout the bathroom – making room for a larger tub/shower space or whatever your dream bathroom includes. Another positive characteristic of this sink is all the plumbing is hidden inside of the pedestal. Also, there’s no need to worry about this particular sink going out of style – it’s been going strong since the early 1900s.

If you think this is a style you would consider, you might also want to look into console sinks. They’re essentially the same thing as pedestal sinks except they are supported with either two or four legs instead of one.