Bathroom Tile

You’ve been thinking about your bathroom remodeling project for quite some time now, so we want to take this time to discuss tile and the various options you have in order to make the perfect getaway, spa or oasis – whatever you envision for your new bathroom. There are multiple types of tile to choose from, and we want you to be equipped with the information to make a well-informed decision for your remodel.

Ceramic Tile

Indulge Yourself with Ceramic Tile

All the fancy houses on TV and in designer magazines have this type of tile – ceramic – so we know you’ve secretly wished for it, too. Ceramic tile is known for being durable as well as fire and moisture resistant. This style comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, textures, and finishes. Therefore, you’re able to design more freely. Keep in mind that ceramic tiles can get expensive depending on the style you choose. Make sure you sit down with your contractor/service professional and discuss the square footage of your bathroom and decide if ceramic tiles are the best choice for you and your bathroom remodel.

Bring Your Bathroom to Life with Glass Tile

Make your bathroom more welcoming with glass tile. When you install glass tile, it allows light to reflect off the tile, which makes the room feel wider. This tile comes in multiple designs including: iridescent, translucent, and opaque. A huge selling point to glass and glazed tiles is they can fit any bathroom design style.


Make Your Walls Pop with Marble Tile

Marble is a top-notch choice for your bathroom tile. Marble is a natural stone crafted from limestone and has a sophisticated and traditional feel to it. This tile comes in various styles and is available in almost every color imaginable, making your bathroom one-of-a-kind. This high quality tile is popular throughout the home but makes a great addition to your newly remodeled bathroom. Once you hire a bathroom remodeling contractor, make sure you discuss tile options! You want to give yourself enough time to decide on just one.

Industrial Tile with Style – Granite

Granite is highly durable and durability is something homeowners strongly appreciate. Granite is harder than other natural stones and holds up well in bathrooms. This beautiful tile is rich in color and can accent any part of a home. High quality fixtures and products have probably been on your radar for some time now, and granite tiles would make the perfect addition to your remodeled bathroom.


Be Unique with Slate Tile

Slate tiles showcase a lavish color palette ranging from coppers and reds to browns and blacks. This particular style of tile adds texture and personality to wherever the tile is placed – making them versatile throughout the bathroom. When the slates come together, they create a unique look special to this particular tile, making your bathroom one-of-a-kind. These tiles retain heat which comes in handy if you live in a colder climate or if your bathroom is designed like a spa.

Travertine Tile Has Much to Offer

Travertine tile is limestone formed from various minerals carefully mixed together to create unique collections of stone that have their own styles and patterns. This particular tile comes in a variety of earthy tones. Travertine is extremely elegant and can be made both precise and simple. Every time you walk into your bathroom and see travertine tile you’ll feel good about your decision.