Bathroom Toilets


Choosing a toilet might be one of those “to do” items that you’re putting off. You might wonder if there is much to think about when choosing a toilet for your new bathroom and if it really matters. The answer to that is yes, there is. Not only can you choose the size and color, but you also have countless options of different styles, types of flushing mechanisms, and specialty toilets. Elongated toilets are said to be more comfortable because the toilet sits out from the wall and the seat is more ergonomically shaped.

You also need to consider which style toilet is best for you. Round toilets save space in small bathrooms due to the shape and the amount of space needed. The height of your toilet is also an important consideration. If you’ve got kids or a “big and tall” person in your home, that will affect your decision. The style of the toilet can make a difference as well. Two-piece models have the tank bolted on top of the bowl and are less expensive than one-piece models. One-piece models have a combined tank and bowl and are easier to clean, but can cost significantly more.

With all of the above in mind, the biggest difference comes when you compare the kinds of tanks and valves. The 3 major types are gravity tank, pressurized tank, and flush valve toilets.

Gravity Tank Toilets

Gravity two-piece tank toilets are the most commonly chosen toilet for homes and have been the mainstay of waste disposal for generations. When you push the handle, it opens a valve inside the tank and gravity forces the water to flush the waste downward. When the water falls inside the tank during a flush, it creates a siphoning effect in the trapway, moving both the water and the waste down through the pipe and into your sewer or septic tank. The toilets tank then refills itself through a small pipe, stopping when it reaches a float that shuts off the flow.


Pressurized Tank Toilets

Pressurized tank toilets are a less common type and are generally more expensive than gravity tank toilets. They use water line pressure to create a higher flush velocity. Water isn’t stored inside the tank like a gravity toilet, rather, the toilet creates pressure in a tank that compresses air and releases the pressurized water into the bowl and down through the trapway.

Flush Valve Operated Toilets

This type of toilet is usually found in public and commercial bathrooms. Instead of a water storage tank, they use a valve that is directly connected to the water supply of the building. This valve controls the amount of water that is released over time by each flush. They are the most expensive of the main types of toilet and are not recommended for home use.



Bidets are less common in the average American home, but they are gaining a renewed popularity in luxury bathrooms. A bidet is a fixture or type of sink that is installed with a toilet. The bidet uses water jets to gently wash you after you use the toilet. The Bath Haus contractors can help you decide which type and style of toilet and bidet is best for your bathroom remodeling project. Head on over and contact them today!