A Crash Course in Bathroom Vanity Lighting

Bathroom Remodel: Vanity Lighting

So you’ve started to think about lighting for your bathroom remodel, but what about your vanity? Bathroom vanity lighting is going to make all the difference in the world! You can set the tone of your entire room with the right bathroom vanity lighting. There are various styles and finishes that are exactly what you’re looking for, and no worries, The Bath Haus and our list of trusted contractors/service professionals will help you find the perfect style to bring your remodel to life.

Let us break the major types of bathroom vanity lighting down for you.

Stay Ahead of the Game with Pendant Lighting

Pendant light fixtures are picking up traction. This style is less conventional, but it's a decorative addition to any vanity. This fixture hangs securely from the ceiling and frees up space on the wall for mirrors and/or cabinets – a major plus for people with a plethora of bathroom essentials. The placement of pendant lights is flexible as contractors/service professions can tailor your lights to create the perfect ambiance for your bathroom. Install pendant lights and give your vanity a fresh look unique to anywhere else in your home.

Natural Lighting

Natural Lighting: Fresh & Eco-Friendly

You can’t go wrong with natural lighting. With visible windows, you’re able to open up the entire bathroom – virtually speaking, of course. We’ve got two helpful tips to help amplify the natural light throughout the room. Tip One: Once you choose a contractor/service professional, talk to them about a cool or light color pallet. This allows the sunlight peaking in from the window(s) to reflect off the light colors throughout the rest of the room. Tip Two: If possible, choose a large vanity mirror. This way when sunlight comes in, it’s casted back throughout the room allowing it to illuminate your entire bathroom.

Fluorescent Lighting – The Brighter, the Better

Bright, direct, and to the point. Fluorescent lighting is a more traditional type of lighting commonly found in vanities, also known for being used for task lighting. Fluorescent lights are associated with task lighting because of the brightness that emanates from the bulbs. The purpose of task lighting is one, being able to see yourself, and two, being able to complete something – a task, such as applying makeup or shaving. When considering what type of light fixture to place in your master vanity, fluorescent lights may be one of the better choices because they’re more energy efficient than incandescent lights. They also last about 10 times as long as these products – which means less maintenance in your new bathroom.

LED Lighting

Open Your Eyes to LED Lighting

Usually when people think about LED lights they think crazy, colorful, flashing lights. But LED lighting, similar to fluorescent lighting, is tasteful and classic. LED lights are semiconductors that produce light when electrical currents pass through them – this is when visible light shines through the bulb. Special to this type of lighting is the bulbs ability to be cool to the touch and unbreakable. This type of lighting comes in endless styles and is also energy and cost efficient when compared to incandescent lighting. Just like fluorescent lights, LED lights are also considered to be task lighting. This is due to the bulb producing concentrated light for a specific area – something to consider for your remodel.