How to Choose the Right Mirror for Your Bathroom Vanity

When sprucing up your bathroom, a vanity mirror is an important factor you’ll need to consider. Not only are there a wide variety of mirrors to choose from, but each bathroom, a vanity mirror also has a unique style it needs to complete your style and the function of your bathroom.

Framed Mirror

Framed Mirrors Give Your Bathroom a Completed Look

Framed mirrors are timeless. They have no bells or whistles and allow for flexibility in size and shape, something every homeowner can appreciate. This type of mirror is exactly what it sounds like – a regular mirror with a frame around the exterior glass. With framed mirrors you’re able to dress your vanity in a way that's more unique to you. Each frame allows for a custom look and feel that helps tie bathroom fixtures together with options including: brushed chrome, polished brass, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze and more.

Venetian Mirror

Venetian Mirrors: Elegant, Italian & Decorative

Venetian mirrors are romantic and picturesque. This particular model has designs etched into the actual surface of the glass.  Venetian mirrors come in various shapes (ovals, rectangles, circles, etc.), and have a strong romantic style associated with them. The style was first created in the 16th century in Italy and was intended for Italian nobleman and royalty. They’re considered to be works of art and would be a tasteful addition to any vanity.

Update Your Vanity With A Shadow Box Mirror

Another type of mirror to consider for your vanity is the shadow box mirror – AKA the ledge mirror. This type of mirror has built in ledges and becomes a nice shelf for all, and we mean all, of your bathroom essentials. This style is great for people who like to have their tooth brush or hand soap at an arms length away. Although having your bathroom products within reach is convenient, please note it may not be the right fit for someone with a minimalistic style.

Lighted Mirrors: A Bathroom Necessity

Unlike other mirror styles you’ve been exposed to, lighted mirrors are popular in contemporary bathroom vanities. This kind of mirror has built in lighting around the frame which illuminates the vanity. These mirrors provide a dual light source, which comes in handy while shaving, applying makeup, and more.

Frameless Mirror

Frameless Mirrors Get the Job Done

Just the opposite of framed mirrors, frameless mirrors do not have a frame. They do, however, have buffed edges and look like they are floating on the wall. This timeless style allows itself to look at-home in any bathroom vanity. Frameless mirrors are more traditional and have a wide variety of styles and finishes. They also have the capability to be cut to fit a specific vanity.

Standing Mirror

Gain Functionality with Pivot Mirrors

Pivot mirrors give your vanity a splash of sophistication. These mirrors are mounted on the bathroom wall with two hinged brackets, which keep the mirror securely attached to the wall. With pivot mirrors you’re able to tilt the mirror to suit the specific silhouettes in your home. By adding pivot mirrors to your bathroom, you’re improving the overall practicality of your vanity.

Fold-out Mirror

Take the Plunge: Try Extension Mirrors

Looking for something different for your bathroom vanity? Extension mirrors, also known as swing-arm mirrors, are smaller mirrors that extend from the wall with an accordion like mount. Swing-arm mirrors are typically seen in smaller bathroom vanities when there is less room over a sink to install a mirror. In a larger vanity, this mirror would be off to the side and used for applying makeup or shaving. These adjustable mirrors work in almost any size bathroom and can always be added to a vanity after major remodeling has been completed.

Clear Up Your Clutter with Mirrored Medicine Cabinets

Hide your bathroom products with a stylish mirrored medicine cabinet. A mirrored medicine cabinet, is a cabinet with mirrors for exterior doors that hangs above your bathroom sink. The inside contains shelves for medicine bottles and other bathroom essentials. This style of mirror is usually chosen when storage space is sparse. Another positive characteristic about mirrored medicine cabinets are they can easily be customized to match the rest of your bathroom’s décor.