Bathtubs - Endless Possibilities

There are endless possibilities when it comes to a bathroom remodel, especially bathtubs. A new bathtub is a perfect place to start. You can build your whole bathroom around your dream bathtub, making the room a spa-like haven or a funky kids’ bathroom. You can even make yours a themed bathroom – a spa tub could be the basis for a Japanese styled bathroom with bamboo rugs or décor, clean lines, and unique lighting.

Conversion Tub

Conversion Tubs

Conversion bathtubs can make an enormous difference in the space and functionality of your bathroom. You can make better use of a tub rather than a shower in some instances like a family bathroom or a remodeled master suite. Another point to consider is that many homebuyers are looking for a “full bath,” which, naturally, includes a bathtub. If you are thinking about selling your home in the future, converting your shower to a tub is a smart move.

Freestanding Tub

Freestanding Tubs

Freestanding tubs give you a lot of freedom as to where to put your tub, and they can add a level of class to your bathroom. The use of freestanding tubs has its roots in history, but it has become very popular in the last few years. Claw foot tubs are a classic choice, and you can do a lot with creative accessories and décor to make it a beautiful and functional addition to your bathroom.

Corner Tub

Corner Tubs

Corner tubs are one of the most common types of tubs that people use in their bathrooms. They are great space-savers in small bathrooms and a functional option in a family bathroom when you have lots of people coming and going during bath time! You can also get a corner tub that is a spa bathtub (with jets or hydrotherapy accessories) to make use of space while adding a classier feel to your bathroom.

Bathroom with Hot Tub

Hot Tubs & Spas

A simple way to create a luxury bathroom for your guest bathroom or your master bath is the addition of a hot tub or spa bathtub. This almost makes it automatically feel more luxurious. A lot of people use these for hydrotherapy too. This allows them to have a relaxing spa right in their home!



Having one our Bath Haus contractors install a bathliner is an easy way to save money in your bathroom remodel. To do this, they just measure your existing bathtub and retrofit a new lining over it. This can usually be done quickly (in less than a day in most cases), which is a huge selling point. This process also saves on waste because you are not disposing of your current tub.

Hydrotherapy Tub

Hydrotherapy Tubs

Specialty replacements, such as hydrotherapy tubs and walk-in tub systems, can make your extra bathroom perfect for children, someone who is disabled, or elderly adults. Whether you use hydrotherapy for your physical or mental health, adding a hydrotherapy bathtub to your bathroom remodeling project will help you create a space in which your self-care becomes a relaxing and therapeutic experience.