Welcome to The Bath Haus’ bathroom remodeling planning guide! This step-by-step bathroom remodeling plan will help guide you through each phase of your bathroom remodel. We will help you figure out the unknowns of bathroom remodeling as well as confirm what you already know. From start to finish we have the resources for your bathroom project.

A bathroom remodeling project can be challenging. With our helpful hints and small-steps guide, we make your project less daunting and more enjoyable. We will help you with everything from getting your vision onto paper to the final inspection. You will end up with the bathroom you always dreamed of and you will do it with ease. Let us help you budget, plan and enjoy your bathroom remodeling project!

Step 1: Current Bathroom Inventory & Wish List

What is your current bathroom like? Which elements do you need to keep and which should you get rid of? What is your vision for your new bathroom? There are many elements to consider when beginning your bathroom project. We have simplified this process by creating a checklist ~ ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS FILL IT OUT!  We have also compiled a list of new bathroom goals for you to complete. By finishing the bathroom goals list and the new bathroom wish list, you will have all of the necessary initial forms to bring to your bathroom remodeling contractor. Complete our bathroom inventory checklist, your bathroom remodeling goals and create your new bathroom wish list in this first step of your bathroom remodeling project.

Step 2: Space Design & Function

Bathroom remodeling projects are often limited by the available space you have. The design and planning of your project will be really important to the overall satisfaction of the finished product. A great place to start in the design and planning process is to think about how your bathroom functions. We have made a list to make thinking about this process quick and easy. Just answer the questions on our list and you will have the first step in the design process completed! A great second step in the design process is to think about storage. Bathroom remodeling is a great time to increase storage to your bathroom and add it in places you may not have thought about before. Complete our questionnaires about the functionality and storage of your new bathroom and you will have step 2 of your bathroom remodeling project already completed!

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Step 3: Planning Costs

Setting a budget is an important step in your bathroom remodeling project. Budgeting will help ease the stress of your bathroom project and will help you with easy decision making. By completing The Bath Haus’ step by step bathroom remodeling planning guide, every phase of your bathroom remodel will be simple - EVEN BUDGETING! Taking the time to decide what bathroom elements are important, planning for unexpected costs and finding money saving ideas will help your project be successful. We have tips on saving money on everything from ordering supplies early to some easy do it yourself projects. Other ways to save money are rebates, incentives and recycling systems. These money saving tips can help stretch your budget and may even get you some added perks you didn’t think would be possible. Find out more in step 3 of The Bath Haus’ bathroom remodeling planning guide.

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Step 4: Putting It All Together – Product Selection

What type of bathroom flooring should I have? How many different styles of vanities are there? Can I install a new shower surround? If you are asking yourself any of these or any similar questions we have the answers for you! We can help with the pros and cons of different bathroom products so you will know which one is right for your bathroom remodeling project. When considering bathroom elements in things such as floors and walls, it’s important to think about appearance and practicality. Bathroom design focuses on just that - appearance and practicality. Learn about the many choices you have in deciding how to design your bathroom. Following the simple steps we have listed in step 4 of the bathroom remodeling planning guide will help you get a real feel for what your new bathroom will look like and how it will function.

Step 5: Choosing a Remodeling Contractor

Whether or not you are going to hire a bathroom remodeling contractor is one of the first decisions you should make. If you choose to hire a bathroom contractor there are some important steps to finding the right remodeler. Follow our contractor questions guide to find out what you need to know. Find out details about contractor references and reviews. Feel comfortable knowing why your contractor needs to be licensed and insured. Be sure you discuss the fundamentals with a potential contractor before hiring them. Prior to signing a contract know what to look for and what needs to be addressed in the contract. If you are choosing to be your own bathroom remodeling contractor, we have tips for you too! Get the scoop on how to be your own general contractor, why it might work for you and what type of time commitment it takes.

Step 6: What to Expect – A realistic picture of a remodeling project

You are ready to get started on your bathroom remodel! You have selected all of the bathroom products, hired a contractor and made the big decisions - now let’s get going, right?! We paint a picture of what this bathroom remodeling project will really look like as it’s happening. You will see a change in traffic in your home during this time ~ be prepared for that. There will also be a change in the noise level and dust in your home - find out how much and why. Your bathroom will be subject to necessary local inspections, learn what that will look like. There also may be delays in your project and you want to be prepared with how to handle them. In addition to project delays, it is not unheard of to have some unexpected issues with your bathroom project  - don’t panic!  We have tips on how to handle that as well. Step 6 will prepare you for the reality of this exciting bathroom project!

Step 7: It’s All Done – Now What?

You have your new bathroom! Your new bathroom project is done and we know you just want to enjoy it. There are a few things to consider before you can let your bathroom remodeling project go though. You want to know a thing or two about implied and express warranties. New products can sometimes have issues, be sure you know how to deal with them and who can help you if you find yourself in this situation.You also want to know how to give your beautiful new bathroom the best care possible. How should you care for your new tub? What is the best cleaning method for your new bathroom floor? How should you clean your new vanity? These simple tips will make your new bathroom products shine. By following these care methods you will extend the life of your new products as well. Congratulations! Enjoy your new bathroom!

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