Bathroom Storage Tips For An Amazing Bathroom

Space in a bathroom can be a precious commodity, especially if you have a small bathroom. With all of the hair products, toothbrushes, kid stuff and more, do you have room for it all? Being creative with the existing space is the way to go! Here are some bathroom storage tips to make sure you have extra room for everything that you need in your bathroom. With our simple yet powerful bathroom storage tips, you can create the bathroom of your dreams!

Bathroom Ceilings - The Sky's the Limit!

Well, maybe not the sky, but for sure your bathroom ceiling, so don't forget to look up! There is a great potential up there! Don't ignore the unused space above the door, alongside your bathroom mirror, even the ceiling itself! And you can do all of this without your bathroom looking cluttered or cramped. A shelf above the door can hold some cute bins containing extra toiletries that you don't use everyday. You can use the space above the sink to create storage for toothbrushes, cotton swabs, whatever you need! For example, check out our Mason Jar Holder tutorial over on our DIY University!

Hidden Down Below - Bathroom Vanities and Undercounter Storage

With traditional sinks and vanities, people have limited space under their sinks. It's a good place to stash your extra large bottle of shower gel, extra toilet paper rolls, or bathroom cleaning supplies. However, because there is such a limited amount of space, it requires a little bit of creativity to make the most of every inch. Rather than bulky baskets or just piling everything in the cabinet, narrow built-in shelves can give a little more space. Another of our favorite ideas is to make use of the inside of the door. Small pieces of PVC pipe can be affixed to the door to hold your hair straightener, curling iron, or hair dryer. Easy peasy extra bathroom storage!

Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner - Maximize Unused Space

Use every extra square inch in your bathroom! Corner shelves take advantage of unused space in the nooks and crannies and corners of your bathroom. They might be pint-sized or a little bigger, but corner shelves are a great way to get added storage space in your bathroom. You can also hang hooks from the ceiling to hold additional items. A woven plant hanger can be used to hold extra towels, rolled up nice and neat. This can serve as storage AND decoration!

What's Behind Door #1?

Don't forget about the space behind the bathroom door! You can use the space in a lot of ways, such as hooks or towel bars. Just be sure to use a door stopper so that any new additions don't leave holes in the wall if the door is accidentally slammed open too far.

Cubbies for the Kiddos - Keep the Bathroom Organized!

If you've got little ones, you know that they tend to collect a lot of...stuff. Give each child a space of their own in the bathroom for their toothbrush, hand towel, hair brush, and the approximately 1,624 barrettes and hair ties that girls tend to collect. This serves a sneaky purpose of not only containing their clutter, it can also cut down on bickering about whose stuff is whose! This will give the kids a sense of ownership and respect, which will surely promote responsibility with your kids.

Stack it Like Pancakes

Another one of our cool and accessible bathroom storage tips is stacking. Stack the cubbies, stack your shelves, stack your rolled-up hand towels on a shelf. Get the picture?

Now that you've read our bathroom storage tips, go check out our DIY University for more bathroom tricks, tips and hacks!

A little creativity will go a long way in creating storage spaces in your new bathroom. Even with a smaller bathroom, the storage possibilities are practically endless! The ideas for storage that we have complied are sure to catch your eye. We have tried and true storage solutions as well as some that many people may not have thought of. See which ones work best for your space.