The Best Small Bathroom Tips to Make Your Bathroom Spacious

Have a small bathroom space in your apartment or house? Many of us dream of a palace to live in, but in reality we might not able to afford a place with a huge bathroom. Limited space in a bathroom is common to many houses because we dedicate that space to other rooms such as bedrooms, living room, and kitchen. However, you can still make your small bathroom feel more spacious and make good use of the space with our small bathroom tips.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Another small bathroom tip to make your bathroom look bigger than the actual size is to find creative ways to use mirrors, from top to bottom, shower curtain to mirror. Transparent elements will increase the ability of the light to travel around and make everything looks spacious. Imagine a fish tank, a limited space but within it always look bigger.

A Pop of Color - Bathroom Painting Tips

Did we mention how color plays a great deal in bathroom? Color is very important; darker colors will make your bathroom look even smaller. Our suggestion, go light and bright. Light colors makes the bathroom look bigger and brighter. If you are not a fan of white, try painting your bathroom all one color. Matching tones will have the same positive result, and you don’t have to worry about it being just plain boring white. Plus, another great hack when you paint your bathroom – paint your ceiling white, too! It will create the illusion of higher ceiling.

Improve Your Bathroom Lighting and Shine Bright Like a Diamond!

Bathroom lighting is a crucial element in any given space. Using natural light is a great place to start. A bathroom window can bring in a ton of natural light, "bathing" your bathroom in light. If you are concerned about privacy, there are many options for window treatments and curtains that will give you natural light and privacy at the same time. What if you don’t have an open window? The light fixtures you choose for your small bathroom can create a spacious feeling and make your tiny bathroom look bigger. Another great option is sky lighting. Skylights are a great way to bring in significant amounts of natural lighting while maintaining privacy in your bathroom.

Small. Smaller. Tiny. - Make Your Bathroom Look and Feel Bigger!

Petite is the way to go. While you have limited space in your bathroom, you need to keep everything small. Choose fixtures that are small and functional, from your sink to your bathtub. Everything that is small it will be good for your space in bathroom. And remember to keep all your bathroom supplies small, too. Commercial size of body wash is good, but keep it in small container so that you can make your bathroom look bigger.

Ceiling, Door, Wall and Floor - Maximize Your Bathrooms Space

No space, no problem. By fully utilizing the unused space of your ceiling, door, wall and floor you will find more space. Those places are great place to install some small shelves or cubbies that allow you to keep your bathroom supplies handy. For example, a shelf above the door can be used to store extra items. A built-in cabinet, extra towel bar behind the door, small hooks on the ceiling, and the corner of floor space. All those places can be fully used and create extra space for your bathroom, and make your bathroom look bigger.

A Bonus Tip

Plan ahead. Planning is the key of making your bathroom remodeling a success.

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