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The Bath Haus business listing directory will help your business grow! We are a local, specialized directory that will get you the organic, inbound, qualified and branded leads that your contracting business is looking for. We are a local, specialized bathroom remodeling directory that has internet traffic that is looking for your business. Our bathroom remodeling directory will list your home improvement contracting business so that you get ranked in search engines, which will lead to more customers for you. In today’s competitive and digital market, your online presence is more important than ever. Your contracting business could be listed many places online that do not produce customers. The Bath Haus will list your business the right way so potential leads turn into qualified leads that turn into increased business for your home contracting company. Sign up with The Bath Haus today to get noticed!

How to increase your contractor business & generate more leads

4 Reasons to Create a Professional Profile with The Bath Haus

There are many reasons why your bathroom remodeling contracting business should be listed in the local and specialized directory provided by The Bath Haus. The benefits of having a local and specialized directory over a national, broad directory will be plain to see when your business gets the customers your competitors can only dream of. Here are the top 4 reasons to create your professional contracting profile with The Bath Haus.


1) The Small Business Administration Recommends Listing with Local, Specialized Directories

On the Small Business Administration’s website they give small businesses the best advice on how to digitally market your business in order to generate the highest number of qualified, inbound customers you can. According to the SBA's website, they recommend listing with “local business directories.” The Bath Haus is a “local business directory” serving each state and city within the US. They also suggest using a directory “from a particular niche.” The Bath Haus serves a “particular niche,” we are a local directory that serves bathroom remodeling only. The online traffic that searches our website is looking for bathroom remodeling services in particular. They are not going to a broad, national website and getting lost in roofing or landscaping services while they are really looking for you! The SBA is schooled in small businesses and they believe your contracting business should be listed on a local, specialized directory website such as The Bath Haus.



Get found by customers looking to remodel their bathroom2) You Need an Online Presence That Gets You Found by Internet Traffic

In today’s competitive and digital market, you need to make sure your contracting business stands out from others. The best way to do that in this fast-paced, online world is business directory listings. Most consumers search online to find the services they are looking for. When a consumer is researching bathroom remodeling, they are looking for a one-stop shop in local, specialized directories. Make sure those consumers turn into organic, inbound, qualified and branded leads by listing your contracting business with The Bath Haus. Our unique directory listing allows the potential lead to convert to a customer by allowing them to choose you. We do not match consumers with numerous businesses that are like yours, we allow your business to stand out and allow the consumer to choose to be your customer. The Bath Haus knows you do not want to pay for leads that fizzle out, we know you want leads that really bring you business.



The Bath Haus uses tried and true marketing techniques that get your business to rank. You want to be at the top of your game when it comes to your business accomplishments and you want to be at the top of the page when it comes to search engines. Consumers search digitally to find qualified, specialized services they want and need, in fact, 50% of someone’s time is spent online on any given day, your contracting business needs to be there so they find you when they need a contractor. We want your local business to soar to the top.





Remove the middleman4) Eliminate the Middleman with Business Directory Facilitators

At The Bath Haus, your qualified, organic, inbound leads are yours. Every form fill, every customer call, and every website click is yours and yours alone. We do not sell leads to multiple bathroom remodeling contractors at once. The reason the lead is coming to you is because the potential customer is genuinely interested in your local contracting business and is seeking your specialized services. When the potential lead fills out a contact form, they send the message to you directly. When the customer calls the directory listing phone number, they reach your business without delay. When the consumer clicks on the directory link, they see your business showcased on your personalized business website. Every potential lead is a targeted lead directed to your contracting business.



Business Directory Options and Affordable Pricing

You want choices when it comes to advertising your business and The Bath Haus offers them. You can choose our free and easy business directory listing or our enhanced version for a low monthly cost. Our free and easy option allows you to claim your specialized business listing at no charge. Once you have claimed your listing it is important to verify it as well. Verifying your business listing will not only prevent others from making changes to it, but will enhance your rank in search engines. In addition to protecting your business listing and ranking higher, verifying it will add consumer trust also. Once a business directory listing is claimed and verified, search engines rank it higher. If you want your business to really rank high, The Bath Haus offers an enhanced listing too. For a low monthly cost of only $4.99, your enhanced listing will bring you a noticeably higher number of inbound, organic leads. Your business’ strengths will be showcased in numerous ways with the enhanced profile listing. You will be able to add your business logo, which will increase your noticeability greatly. You will also be able to add text to your business listing which will tell the qualified potential leads exactly why they should hire you for their next local bathroom remodeling project. You can add pictures of bathroom remodeling jobs you have done in the past to enhance their interest in your business. Videos can also be added to your enhanced business profile to further pique their interest. Our online traffic will turn into your potential leads, which will then turn into your clients with The Bath Haus’ enhanced business listing.


Three Easy Steps to Registering Your Contracting Business on The Bath Haus’ Directory


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You want your business to grow and The Bath Haus can help. We are a local, specialized business listing directory that offers low-cost enhanced listings and free basic directory listings. You will see your organic, inbound, qualified and branded leads grow noticeably from our experienced and unique approach to directory listings. We focus only on bathroom remodeling and the traffic on our site is looking specifically for bathroom remodeling information and contractors. Your business will rank high in search engines which will increase your online presence more than ever. To grow your business by increasing potential customers claim your business listing with The Bath Haus today. Learn more about joining The Bath Haus.












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